2020 Camp Videos

Here are some videos we recorded (using Zoom's recording feature) from our Karmiel USA 2020 Virtual Dance Event!

Please pardon some issues you may find.  We did run into some audio/video sync issues at times, but tried our best to fix it when we became aware of them.  For the individual Smachot teaching video, the audio sync issue was corrected.  And for the Bat Li Pitom teaching video, it has been cut to remove all the troubleshooting and discussions, to just show the teaching and a better volume dance through at the end.


Also, due to music copyright issues, any time we played the music for Kchi Lach or Meshugaim we had to mute the music in the video (YouTube wouldn't let us show the video otherwise).

To see the dance with music for Kchi Lach: https://youtu.be/2-2I3jYGffI?t=209 (starting at 3:29)

To see the dance with music for Meshugaim: https://youtu.be/xCPmXWpUle0

First Video Player: individually edited videos of each dance taught during the weekend.

Second Video Player: Camp Poem & Song from this year.

We've also included the words for the poem and song, which you can see below the last video player.

Camp Poem

by Livia Burghardt, September 2020

We were doing just fine

dancing away

eagerly awaiting

Karmiel USA.


But then came Corona

and dancing was banned

we had to give up on

everything we'd planned.


No hand-holding, hugs

or sharing of meals

We'd never experienced

how lonely that feels.


It was so hard to see

past the darkness and gloom

till one day when Ruthy

introduced me to Zoom.


It took me some time

but I learned to log in

and Ruthy soon taught me

to chat and to pin.


Despite all the problems

it was hard to feel blue

texting and dancing

with old friends and new.


From all over the world

from near and from far

not only the dancers

but the repertoire!


Karmiel is community

family and friends

so no matter what happens

the dance never ends.


We're closer than ever

from your home to mine

so let’s light the candles

let’s bless the wine.


Though we're not on the Mountain

let the dance music play

to celebrate our 25th

Karmiel USA!

Camp Song

by Terry Abrahams, September 2020

(To the tune of "I'll be Seeing You")

I am seeing you in all the old familiar places

Dancing room and other spaces


Covid-9 [19] has come and hit

But we don’t really care a bit

We turn on Zoom and know darn well

We'll see our friends at Karmiel

Ruthy that we love so much

And teachers that are swell

Their brand new dances ring our bell

The happy days will make us k'vell

We'll dance all through the weekend, yes

The virtual will do

And to all my dancing friends -

Know I am loving you